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In this modern world lots of new Airlines have expanded business and in this growing economy now more people travel by airlines. Job opening for Air Hostess / Air Stewardess has always been on the rise but still more and more people are looking for right information on Internet on How to become an Air Stewardess / Air Hostess. Below information should help you to know more accurate and Basic Requirements For Air Hostess Recruitment:

1) You need to belong to a nationality. This is no joke as there are state-less persons due to several reasons.

2) You must be at least 18 years old.

3) You must be physically, mentally, emotionally fit.

4) You must fall into the height range of between 160 – 180cm.

5) You must have good eyesight without the aid of spectacles/ eye wear/ glasses.

6) You must possess a First Aid Certificate. You must under training and obtain this Certificate otherwise.

7) You need to undergo a personal security check.

8 ) You must be a competent swimmer and able to swim at least 25 meters effortlessly.

9) You must have had at least 3 years of secondary / high school.

10) You must be fluent in at least one other second language.

11) You must like to travel and have experience traveling.

12) You must have experience in the service sector of the industry.

13) You must have a friendly personality.

14) You must have the ability to think fast to react appropriately as this is necessary to save lives and maybe your very own life.

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Basic Requirements For Air Hostess Recruitment: — 6 Comments

  1. What are the requirements to be an air hostess?advice me plz…
    its my burning desire to become an airhostess so in this regard….send me information through my email adress …thanks

    • Do you speak good English? If yes then please start applying for Air Hostess jobs at the same time get admitted for your graduation course (as you may not be sure when you will get selected).

      It is always good to have good command over two spoken languages. If your English is not good then also get admitted for your graduation course and keep improving your English.

      Some people say that it is good to take a training at the Air Hostess training institute. Our recommendation is that since all the good airlines will provide the necessary training before you begin your work so no need for any training on your own.

      Good luck.

  2. Good day
    I’m a qualified Airhostess, looking for a job in aviation, where can I find a job, all the networks are dodgy and hunger to take your money?

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